The Fold System

Let's get the legalese out of the way up front. Folds cannot be redeemed for, traded in for, nor converted to cash or cash equivalents. Any member, or group of members, discovered doing so will be subject to removal from 8fold and disqualified from future membership. 8fold cannot be held liable for members attempting to trade Folds for cash or cash equivalents.

To bring levity to an otherwise serious matter: Don't be that person. It's not worth it to you or 8fold.

You remain a

  • member, by earning 25 Folds per month.

  • practitioner, by earning 50 Folds per month.

If we view 8fold as a person, the practitioners and the wider group of members and users act as the immune system, for better and worse. They can pressure people to come in or leave in accordance to various agreements. The users also allow 8fold to act upon the outside world, which it could not otherwise do; so, they're also the body. The different layers are like the concepts of self; physical-self (users), conscious-self (members), and core-self (practitioners).

The Fold System is a blend of the Limbic and Endocrine Systems. Or, if this analogy isn't work you, it's a way to give 8fold the means to slow our ability to make bad decisions while maintaining the ability to recognize members for their individual contributions and trade. It solves multiple traditional business functions and problems without the overhead.

In some ways, the Fold System is 8fold, as a person. We are all 8fold as a coalition.

Let's look at a transaction flow. You are a user.

  1. You purchase a $100 product from a practitioner.

  2. The practitioner gets $90.

  3. 8fold keeps $10.

  4. The practitioner also gets 10 Folds.

Let's look at another transaction flow. You are a practitioner.

  1. You need graphic design work done.

  2. You barter with another member who's willing to do the work for 10 Folds.

  3. You get the result, the other member gets 10 Folds.

Let's say this bumps that member up to a new Fold level. You are that member.

  1. You go from a full fold to a double fold.

  2. 8fold performs a profit redistribution.

  3. The full fold value is $100, which you would have gotten as a full fold; however,

  4. the double fold value is $200, which you do receive.

Now this is one simple example but hopefully you get the overview.

Note: A member cannot earn more than 20,000 Folds from monetary contributions within a given calendar year. Further, 8fold will not accept monetary contributions from a single member totaling more than $20,000 per calendar year.

Part of the balancing of the Fold System is that continued contribution is valued more than one-time contribution. So, let's say you earn 20,000 Folds, which puts you at an Oct Fold. From the example of $100 for a Full Fold you would receive $800. Now, let's say you never contribute again. In 40 months you would eventually not qualify for a redistribution. Further, after one month, you would drop to a Quad Fold, which means you would qualify for half the redistribution you previously did. Finally, after three months, you would drop to Double Fold for the next six months; and so on. We want to recognize the contributions of members even after they are no longer contributing, just not forever.

Profit redistribution is only done if net profit is demonstrated.

Earning Folds

"Automated" means the Folds will automatically be applied to your account without extra work on your part.

  • Subscription: $50 recurring monthly fee and easiest way to earn the minimum.

    • Automated.

    • Earns 50 Folds originating from 8fold.

  • Products and services: Contribute a product or service that can be used by other practitioners and under the 8fold banner.

    • Includes but not limited to books, courseware, and other physical goods.

  • Reconcile finances: Sign in to the finances area and reconcile the bank statements.

  • Monthly: Attend and participate in the monthly event.

  • Article: Write article. Publish it (preferably on Medium). Submit URL to Slack requesting it be added to the 8fold Publication on Medium.

    • If all practitioners give thumbs up prior to 48 hours, it will be published immediately and you earn the Folds.

    • If uncontested for 48 hours, it gets published and you qualify for the Folds.

  • Share: Reposting someone else's content on your stream. Should be original content of an 8fold member.

  • Topics: Propose a topic for the monthly or the newsletter that gets discussed or used.

    • Earns 2 Folds per item used

  • Call for submissions: Post a call for submissions in the speaking channel in Slack.

  • Clap: Used on Medium. Each user can clap multiple times for the same content.

    • Earns 1 Fold, no matter the number of claps, originating from 8fold.

  • Like: Like (Heart) original content of an 8fold member, which will not appear on your feed but helps findability under other algorithms and parameters.

  • Internal documents: Help maintain and improve the 8fold documentation with new additions or submitting edits to correct and clarify.

    • Please keep it curated and vetted using the advice process.

"Automated" means the Folds will automatically be applied to your account without extra work on your part.

  • Contribution: A tip jar for the platform, could be given for any reason.

    • Automated.

    • Earns 1 Fold per dollar, originating from 8fold.

  • Commission: 10% fee on revenue earned by choice or operating under 8fold banner.

    • Automated.

    • Earns 1 Fold per dollar, originating from 8fold.

  • Trade: Negotiate with one or more practitioners to trade their folds for your product or service.

    • Earns how ever many Folds were negotiated in the barter and provided by the practitioners.

  • Improvement idea: Submit an idea to improve 8fold or help users in some way.

    • If the idea is discussed at a monthly and given an initial Fold value, you will be given an amount of Folds equal to the initial Fold value. (ex. 100 Folds)

    • There will also be a window of opportunity for members to increase the Fold value by putting in their own Folds. (ex. 200 Folds)

    • If you then complete the idea, you get the initial Fold value + whatever was contributed by the members. (ex. 100 + 300 = 400 Folds)

Fold Levels




Decay Rate (months)


0 to 599




600 to 1199




1200 to 2399




2400 to 4799




4800 to 9599




9600 to 19999