The Basics

No Employees

In order to:

  • maximize autonomy,

  • distribute authority & decision making, and

  • shift traditional power dynamics

8fold does not have employees, only various operating agreements with its users, members, partners, and practitioners; any party can opt-out at any time.

No Management

As there are no employees, there are no employees to manage; therefore, we are a self-managing system. Further, as the system is self-managing and self-organizing we rely on a minimal rule-set to govern and guide behavior in the community. 8fold does not provide a means to coerce others.

Results-Only Work Environment

As there are no employees or management, you choose what you play with, when you play, where you play, and how to deliver the result.

Of course, with great power comes great responsibility and you typically get back what you put in at 8fold.

Advice Process

For the most part, anyone can make any decision regarding the future of 8fold so long as they honestly seek and consider the advice of those impacted by the decision; often called the advice process. Further, the decision should not negatively impact the 8fold brand as a whole.

‚Äč8fold is designed to protect itself and others from that exploitation.

Like-mind, not Hive Mind

8fold thrives on diversification of ideas.

Innovation comes from disruption and disruption does not come from 20 people with the same idea sitting in a room together.

There will be conflict. There will be tension.

Therefore, we should do our due diligence to ensure the creation of conflict norms that minimize politicking, backbiting, and infighting while maximizing the ability to have passionate, civil discourse and remain collaborative.

So far, this hasn't been a problem.