8fold Handbook

8fold is a platform organization for micro-businesses celebrating the individual and catering to the most constrained.

As a network of business owners navigating operating businesses differently, this handbook stores what is learned to help improve us all.

The handbook also attempts to guide a stranger coming in to effectively run 8fold should that be necessary.

We treat 8fold, and its properties, as people. The Avengers with less danger to the world and less drama.

8fold is made of three team members beyond 8fold itself.

  • Pro maintains a curated list of professionals offering products and services including health & wellness, self-management, software development, and more to 8fold users. He firmly believes in the power of compassionate service.

  • Media is the voice of The Fold using whatever she deems appropriate from blogs to books, podcasts to emails, and back again.

  • Amos was originally a phonetic acronym standing for Alexander Midknight's Operating System, but that was annoying to type. He is the keeper of the code and keys behind software development throughout 8fold. Technically neither male nor female, we tend to call him "he" due to the inference of the name and him not seeming to mind.

If you're looking for a tool to do-it-yourself, talk to Amos. If you want to hear what 8fold, as a collective, is up to, listen to Media. If you want to hire a professional to help you and those in your charge, see Pro.

8fold places humans into one of four concentric circles.

  1. users, the outermost circle, these individuals purchase and trade products and services with one other;

  2. members are users supporting 8fold and its practitioners by earning Folds every month;

  3. partners are members who support 8fold and its practitioners earning Folds every month, which gives them the ability to promote themselves on the 8fold partner page; and

  4. practitioners are partners who offer products and services to users and can do so under the name of 8fold.

As you can see all practitioners are users, but not all users are practitioners.

Legal Representation

Eightfold Productivity llc (8fold from here on) is a limited liability corporation registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia, USA and governed by the laws of that state.

While legally a limited liability, for profit corporation, 8fold operates more like a self-organizing and self-managing voluntary not-for-profit coalition.

It provides a comfortable place to help individuals stretch into the discomfort of owning, growing, and operating a business. The hope from being a coalition is that your passions make up for the dispassions of others and vice versa.

Content Disclaimer

8fold tends to operate on pull. Therefore, some information linked here may not exist. Further, it is being continuously worked revised and revisited. Finally, without the go ahead to put it here, even the dead link wouldn't be here.

Other, similar Organizations

As 8fold continues on its path, we sometimes find organizations operating similarly. While not always inspired by them, we are inspired when we see them.